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NEMHA Letter from the President

New England Morgan Horse Association
May 23, 2022 Letter from the President…

Spring has sprung!  It was great to see so many of you at The UPHA Chapter 14 Spring Premier.  The Symphony of Horses was a fantastic affair and it was wonderful to see our breed so well supported.  Congratulations to the Symphony committee and all of the participants.  It was a night we will not soon forget. 

Don’t miss the application for the NEMHA Scholarship! The NEMHA Board of Directors increased the 2022 Scholarship Budget line item to $5000. Awardee(s) are to receive no less than $1000.00. Funds may be distributed to one or more recipients at the discretion of the NEMHA Board of Directors. Deadline has been extended to June 1, 2022. Winner (s) will be announced at the New England Morgan Horse Show during the Youth Contest Awards Banquet.

The Greater Boston Charity Horse Show was a success and as always, oozing with hospitality.  As we approach our third NEMHA Circuit Championship Show, The Connecticut Morgan Open Horse Show, please remember to renew your membership to be part of our Circuit Championship year end awards program.  Participants must renew their NEMHA memberships by the end of the Connecticut Morgan Open Horse Show to be eligible for retroactive points for the year.  We will be making some changes to the Circuit Championship Program, which will include self-reporting of points.  We are lucky to have an ample and diverse membership, this change will allow for a more precise awards program.  More information on the reporting procedure will follow.

New England Morgan Horse Show planning is in full swing.  This year we are embracing “Living History” and will be honoring those who have been part of our horse show for decades.  The horse show will be held in dedication to the one and only, Marsha Shepard.  This year we will be inducting Nancy Caisse and Susan Colleton into the Northampton Hall of Fame.  The Living History project will be back again this year with two events, a Trivia Night co-sponsored with the YAA and another 20X20 night.  YAA will also be holding a unique fundraiser during the show, be on the lookout for that.  Stallions Sweeps returns this year.  Join us on Thursday evening for the presentation of the 2023 Stallion Sweeps lineup.  If you haven’t put in your sponsorship for NEMHS yet, head over to and sponsor online.

Remaining NEMHA Board Meeting Schedule:

Selina Skelton
NEMHA President