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Our Mission

“To encourage the raising of the Morgan breed of horses, including the improvement of the breed; to carry on educational activities with respect to the breeding, care and training of horses; and in connection with the foregoing to conduct horse shows for exhibition of Morgan horses.”

Why Join NEMA?

Morgan activity is thriving throughout the New England region and as a member of the NEMHA you are guaranteed many opportunities to enjoy a variety of Morgan horse activities as well as the camaraderie of Morgan enthusiasts.

As an organization, we represent Morgan versatility at its very best. Our owners use their Morgans for pleasure and trail riding and driving; carriage competition from local to international events; dressage events; horse showing from local to national events; competitive trail riding; reining; and as treasured back yard pals. 

Whether they own one or many Morgans, our members always enjoy sharing their Morgan experiences with their NEMHA friends. Our membership includes officers in other state and national Morgan organizations, long time Morgan professionals, renowned Morgan breeders, instructors whose lesson programs showcase Morgan horses, and the many people who own Morgans just for the fun!

Ready to Join?

Membership Levels

Membership benefits include: access to clinics and educational forums, mileage awards, circuit championship eligibility, discounts, and much more.

Individual Membership


*Individual over 18 (One Vote)

Jr. Exhibitor Membership


*18 and under​

Family Membership ​


Adult and Spouse/Partner and any unmarried children in the household under 18 (One Vote)

Corporate Membership


Corporate horse owners only. All members of the corporation must be members of NEMHA (One Vote)